Monday, April 27, 2009


There seemed more accusation
Than admiration in Vivian's voice
When she said,
"Well, I wish I had time
To bake bread!"

And so sometimes when
The loaves were in the oven
And Vivian was at the door
Louise mumbled something about
Another bake sale again

And never even tried to explain
Her near-religious ritual:

How the flour on her fingers
Was the sun and the rain
And the earth

How the thump of her palms
On the dough
Was the dance of women
On the ancient threshing floor

How the smell of baking
Leavened her
And left her believing that
We rise, we rise

And how the cutting
Of the first warm slice
For the first child home
Made her a bounteous goddess
With life in her hand

- Carol Lynn Pearson


  1. lovely. one of my goals is to start baking bread on a regular basis. it's gonna have to wait until we move now though.

  2. We had an enrichment with this amazing woman, who scared us all to death because our children were going to day because we were too cheap and lazy to do food storage. Other than that, she was amazing. She has a website You should totally check out her ideas. Just try not to scare yourself. And the bread we made was really good.

  3. oooh...I love this! amen. I think. I have never actually baked honest to goodness loves of wheat bread. but I can totally get behind the sentiment.

  4. There is nothing more delicious than a homemade piece of warm bread, fresh out of the oven! Cheers to you for making it happen at your home!

  5. I love it! I also read the last post too, and I can TOTALLY relate! I'm having anxiety about sending my firstborn to kindergarten...I can't seem to "find the time" to sign her up for ballet. They really grow up so fast, and although you know that they need these interactions to be healthy and happy, you sometimes wish you could keep them to yourself for forever.

  6. I LOVE how you look for the poetry in your life and you make poetry of your life!

  7. I feel just this way when I bake bread! I love it.