Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I feel satisfied with the way we've sponged up spring. We've walked often, admired the blossoms, and the vibrant, new green. We've been to the duck pond thrice to visit the fuzzy ducklings. We've read what is possibly my favorite children's book ever, Make Way For Ducklings, at least six times. We've forayed into the colorful world of summer cuisine - salads, open-faced sandwiches piled high with veggies, all manner of homemade pizzas and smoothies.
That said, this week's been a hard one for me. I'm not overly pleased with my mothering efforts of the last few days, the TV's done too much entertaining, I've been too impatient. My capacity was used up, no more to give. Or so I felt. Last night and this morning my prayers were pleadings for more, acknowledgments of my own inadequacy and short-coming. And they were answered with two dear friends who reminded me that motherhood is beautiful, fun even. And that energy in little boys should be celebrated, not extinguished. And that grown-up conversation is revitalizing. And that mud puddles are for splashing in.

Here's some Spring, in pictures:

From left to right: Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack.

They stayed right by their mama, just like good little ducklings should.

I think this is Kack. But they all look so much alike; it's hard to tell.

My little ducklings could not have been more delighted!

And speaking of cheerful water-foul...

Look at these silly little birds!

thanks, Spring...
you've been lovely.


  1. That last picture is gorgeous.

  2. this hasn't really been up since wednesday, right? I swear it just barely showed up. I'm so glad we got to chat yesterday. I sure hope this next week is better. Love the duckies!

  3. that first pic of lily in the tub is so cute! love the curls on either side! and i wish spring would come to us!

  4. You are lovely, Emily! I so appreciate your honesty!

  5. laughing at the duck naming. love the bath pics. lils the cutest thing ever. and that last one needs to be in some kind of magazine. amazing. you are so beautiful em.

  6. Beautiful post and pictures, Em! You are able to capture the moment so well with pictures.

  7. So cute! We had an interaction with ducklings the other day...Leon (our cat) brought one to us in his mouth. It was still alive and not really injured, tried to run away and fell into our window well. We took it to a wildlife rescue place and it was all great fun for the kids.

  8. Who took that last picture of you and Lily? You look so natural and as always, beautiful. The sun is perfect. I love your duck names, and I love your honesty. We all have those weeks. Darn hormones. :)

    Lily's hair is so cute in the bathtub picture. We just love you guys, have I told you that lately? Well, I'll say it again! :)

  9. Wow. That last picture is so beautiful. It should be a book cover or something.

  10. What an amazing photo of you a Lily! Just gorgeous.