Sunday, April 5, 2009

Top Ten

Reasons why our Aunt Halley is the best Aunt Halley around...

1. Our Aunt Halley plays sword fight, hangs out in KitchenChair&BedSheet tents, makes targets to shoot Nerf darts at, lets Henry style her hair and subjects herself
to wrestling matches on the living room floor.
2. She is also a dynamite Target companion, prep-cook and baby-feeder.
3. The nicknaming possibilities are endless - beginning with Halley, evolving to Halley-Buster. Then shortening to Buster. Then Bustey. Bustage. Bustopher. Bustache. Bustachio...every visit, a new variation.
4. Our Aunt Halley reads stories, changes diapers, sleeps on the "camping bed" and does bath time. And back home she feeds chickens, gathers eggs and cleans the hen-house. If you're not thinking Renaissance Woman, please see #5.
5. She also dabbles in photography, photo-editing, paper crafting and novel-writing. (Keep working on your love story, Hal...I'm itching to know what happens to those star-crossed lovers on that flight to Denver...)
6. Our Aunt Halley, though fiercely competitive and driven, also has a marshmallow heart -- big and tender. My favorite thing about her heart is that it is so full of love for my children. It tickles me to see the way my children adore her; I know they can sense her love for them.
7. She has an easy laugh, an ever-present smile and an eager willingness to help and please.
8. She is the best at the "stand on my hands" trick.
9. She is up for anything, anytime. (Truly): A run, a trip to the park or the grocery store, P90X ab workouts, clip-board mod-podging, bread baking, back-porch picnicing. Only thing she wasn't up for was the eight o'clock a.m. hour at our house - jetlag bedanged!
10. Our Aunt Halley is just one of the neatest gals around - a natural leader, everyone's friend, quick with a compliment and a helping hand, at home in her own skin and confident in her (many) abilities.

We love her more than gummy bears (and you know that's a lot of love, Hal :) We wish everyone could have an aunt like our Aunt Halley, and we wish ours could be much, much closer.

Halley dear, please come back soon. There is more sunshine in our home when you're here.


All of us


  1. this is why i always wanted a little sister...

  2. What a cute, sweet sister. I love her already. She looks like she could be Henry and Lily's sister, and I think that makes me love her even more!

  3. Oh, I want my girls to grow up to be an Aunt Halley!

    And, I still get weepy everytime my mom leaves. That's why I live out there in the summers now. I can't leave Texas. I love it too much. But I love my family too much, too. So, I get the best of both worlds.

  4. Emily that was the nicest thing any one has ever done for and I didn't know you appreciated me that much I hope I can see you soon. But I will see you in July!!!!!!!!!

    Love love lovey love love Halley buster

  5. Em, we are kindred spirits you and I (well, I'm convinced we are at least). In reference to your last've been reading Emerson recently?! So have I! He inspires me and often confuses me...but in a soul searching, clean out the cluttered closet kind of way. I miss you. Have I told you how lovely it was to hear your voice yesterday?
    Will you call me again, pretty please? :) I suppose I could call you too, duh.
    Ps: Lock little miss Halley up! She keeps getting prettier!

  6. such darling pictures. She looks a lot like you.