Tuesday, April 7, 2009

101 Things To Do With Paper

After my mom left there was a lot of sad & bummed in my heart. I wanted to squish them out. So I unleashed the creativity and made this:

A mobile for Henry's room. (Thanks for getting my wheels turning, Mom).

(I bribed him with 4 gummy bears to sit like that.)

It tickles me to excess.

And fills my heart with happy.


  1. Very cute Em! I'm very impressed with your creativity.

  2. Simple and creative and beautiful!

  3. I'm so impressed, Emily. It looks really cute! And I love your post about your mom and your sister. You have such a wonderful family. It's so refreshing to see that someone knows what they want and they can be real about it and admit it. I too have been touched by your sweet mother. She visited shortly after you had Lily, I believe--perhaps it was sooner. At any rate, she made some comments in relief society that have stayed with me. What a genuine and kind-hearted mother, whose testimony is reflected in her eyes and countenance!

  4. Well that's cute! How'd you make the top white round things keep their shape? And I love the your bribed Henry to sit like that... I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of that seeing as Charlie isn't a fan of the camera!

  5. Super cute! Em you are amazing!!

  6. Hi, I'm the one who posted Dr. Laura's video so I had to check you out too:). I LOVE this mobile idea! Did you just knot them all at the top and hang it from one of those hooks you screw into the ceiling? What are the white circles made of and where did you get them? I'm sorry, last one, did you glue two papers together for it to be double sided? I love this and would love to make one!