Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lilies (mine and others)

These words are on my heart tonight.
The metaphor of the lilies goes deep, begs reflection.

I think of the "spinning" in my life.
I want to calm it with purpose.
Mindful action.
Careful speech.

Quiet closeness with my own little blossom.


  1. What a sweet girl you have! You are such a thoughtful person, Emily. I always find myself reflecting and contemplating where I'm at whenever I read your posts. Thank you. And thanks again for keeping my boys! I really appreciate your service.

  2. i looooooveeeee herrrrrrrrrr!!!

    and you

    of course

  3. What a beautiful baby and mom you are!

  4. me too. I was thinking all about this after our chat the other day. thanks!

  5. What a great thought. Love you Em. That is such a sweet little picture of Lily sleeping.

  6. You are such a thinker, Em. That is one of your many appealing and attractive qualities...and one of the reasons I think you're a phenomenal woman.

  7. We almost named our daughter Lily too, I thought it would be so nice to have such a beautiful scripture tied to it. Another draw was did you know that lilies are some of the few flowers that will plant wherever they're grown. I read this in a Martha magazine about what to plant in your country region and it said lilies would blossom everywhere--I loved that analogy.

    Beautiful photography!