Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life: Not Always the Bubbles


I know these pictures look really charming, but truly? This has been a tough mothering week. All Henry wants to do is play pirates and ninjas. With me! And therein lies the problem -- I can't think of many things that sound like less fun than playing those games. I need a manny*. I keep suggesting things like making Valentine's for grandparents, practicing letters on the white board, playing with the bowl of dry beans and some measuring cups. Or, I know! How about the sleep game?

Finally yesterday afternoon we found an activity we could both agree on:


B u b b l e s

In the front Yard

He blew bubbles; I took pictures.
I blew bubbles; he ran around like a hooligan,
growling, popping them with his hands and sticks, alternately.

Best of both worlds, I suppose.

Photobucket Photobucket

Wild? mostly
Boy? one hundred percent
Cute? (sigh) ... even on the hard days


*Manny=male nanny.
You probably already knew that.


  1. He's such a cutie. I love bubbles. I want spring to come so that we can get outside!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment - it made my day!

    I enjoy reading your blog, too. I love how you write about life and motherhood being hard and at the same time it's so obvious that you find the joy in it.

  3. Emily, I always say this, but I really, really love to read what you write about your kids. You just have such a sweet personality. Bubble days are wonderful and sticky, but fun. Thanks for your "mommy" example. You teach me each time I talk to you, and you're beautiful!

  4. So funny!
    My boys are getting so wild at times I hardly know what to do. Nathan's latest thing is growling and trying to scare the cats, which really bothers me.
    I didn't know what a manny it. That's funny.
    And lol "dry beans and measuring cups" oh why can't they just sit still and do fun activities like that.
    Great pics!

  5. This reminds me of the Little Mermaid (life is the bubbles...under the sea)

    It's so are his best little friend! His whole world really. I love that.

    It looks so nice outside!

  6. I've always been impressed by your occasional comments about having spent the morning playing little boy games with Henry. Kudos to you, because that's one area where the possibility of a son makes me a bit nervous. Spending the afternoon in tutus and tiaras or dressing up dolls to go meet princes? I'm fine with those. But the masculine games seem so much more challenging.

    So I suppose I'm saying keep up the good work, enlist Nate as the pirate captain as much as possible, and I hope there are lots of little boys around you who would love to come play with Henry and free you up to giggle with Lily from the sidelines!