Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekly Chronicle January 28, 2007

This was a week of extremes. On one end, I had an experience that is probably on the "Best 5 things Ever to Happen to Emily" list, and on the other, an incident that probably tops the "5 Most Painful Injuries of Emily's life." In an effort to end this post on a happy note, we'll start with the injury.

On Friday afternoon Henry and I were making salsa together. I sat him up on the counter so he could see all the colorful ingredients being blended. Absorbed in the ever so pleasant tasks of chopping onions and mincing garlic, I failed to notice that Henry quickly lost interest in the cullinary concoction and was playing with a large scented candle on the counter. (Click link to the right to see picture.) Anjou Pear Candle

It wasn't until that wretched candle (dropped from counter-top height) landed right on the bed of my big toenail that I realized how Henry had been entertaining himself. In case your morbid curiosity has siezed control of your better judgment, I've posted a picture of my toe here.

The point of impact was SO painful that I let out several instinctual yelps of pain, which were so loud and so long that they brought little Henry, (who was already afflicted with "boogies nose" and a fever,) to inconsolable tears. If you could have been here to witness this moment, you would have found me and Henry, both in tears, crying for daddy.

People probably think I'm some sort of ruffian wearing flip-flops when it's barely forty degrees outside, but if they could feel the exquisite pain inflicted by every pair of closed-toed shoes I own, they wouldn't think me so peculiar.

I'm hoping that healing process won't be too unsightly. I'd like to be able to wear sandals this spring without exposing some sort of nubbin young toenail trying to replace a rotten, old, dead one.

Well, now that I've stooped to the depths of morbidity to describe my bruised toenail, I think this would be an appropriate time to transition into the good news portion of this post.

I briefly mentioned my fondness of Boden clothing in last week's chronicle. Well, fondness has given way to near obsession in recent weeks, so much so that I decided to write Johnnie Boden a letter. Before you think me some kind of crushing groupie, let me explain that the letter was not of the infatuated fan-mail variety, I simply wanted to tell him that I think his designs are positively charming. I doubtfully checked my e.mail the next morning in hopes of a response. To my surprise and great delight I had an e.mail from Mr. Boden himself thanking me for my kind words. I also received a phone call later that morning from (name withheld) of Boden USA. She had an intoxicating british accent. She said a few things, thanking me for my compliments and then came the good news: "as a token of our gratitude, we at Boden have credited your account with $200 that we'd like you to use to pick out a few things that you'll really love." First thoughts: "I have a Boden account??? 200 dollars???" I was speechless. I giggled like a school girl and told her I felt like I'd just won the lottery! Needless to say, I've spent an unhealthy amount of time perusing the spring catalog trying to settle on the perfect combination of items to purchase with my credit. I called Nate at work immediately following the phone call and told him that aside from marrying him and having Henry, my Boden windfall was the luckiest things that's ever happened to me! (I exaggerate...but not much.)

I fear that these posts are so long that no one will have the patience or the time to read them in I'm going to stop. The river of "boogies" that's been flowing from Henry's nose finally seems to be drying up. My toe, although rainbow-colored, is no longer throbbing. Nate got to come home early on Friday night and only had to work 'til five on all things considered, life is more than good.

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