Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekly Chronicle January 14, 2007

I'm almost ready to start forwarding Nate's mail to Deloitte. With busy season upon us, we're lucky if we get to see him awake, let alone enjoy a meal with him. If we can find a silver lining in the audit busy-season it would have to be the delectable dinners that Nate is getting every night. After several nights in a row of heavy take out, Nate wisely decided to do his arteries a favor and order the grilled salmon salad. Knowing this was the case, I wondered why he was lifting weights that night when he got home (especially since he had already been to the gym that morning.) It wasn't until I asked if he felt fat that he disclosed his calorie-packed secret: he had also ordered an entire helping of the "Very Gouda" (as in Gouda cheese, which may as well be butter,) Artichoke Dip.

I suppose on occasion, we all do things that our better judgement would advise against.
I should have known better than to subject an almost-two-year-old to three hours of home decorating shopping in one day, but that didn't stop me from visiting four separate retail posts in one twenty-four hour period. With the maniacal woman-on-a-domestic-mission fire blazing in my eyes, Henry and I set out for a morning of browsing. Inspiration came at Hobby Lobby and I bought some supplies for a little project that I did during Henry's nap. The satisfaction of the morning's project seemed to breed even stronger decorative desires, so when Henry woke up from his nap we ventured out again--this time to TJ Maxx, Goodwill, and Garden Rigde. It was attrocious. I didn't find anything else for the house, but I did find that there is a direct correlation between Henry's tolerance for shopping the number of Twizzlers remaining. As the Twizzlers decline, so does his patience. And they run out at precisely the same moment. Henry revealed his expired patience to me (and the rest of the shoppers) roaring emphatic requests like, "GO HO-O-O-O-O-ME! AAAAHHH DO-O-O-NE! GO BUH-BYYYYEEEE!" He used every phrase he could concoct from his budding vocabulary to express his desires to be done. I will probably discover later that there is also a direct correlation between the number of Twizzlers consumed to the number of cavities sustained from such irresponsible parenting tactics!

I'm usually not such a shopper, I don't know what got into me. Maybe it was a change in the weather that nudged my nesting instincts. After a few delightful weeks of t-shirt and jeans weather, it has been raining ice for two consecutive days! There are icicles dripping from the tree branches and we're all bundled up in our sweaters and slippers. After 5 years in Utah, we chuckle at how this big state that warns the rest of the union "not to mess" cries "Emergency!" at the first sign of ice.

If you'll recall the contents of last week's chronicle (about our need for increased levels of sanitation) it seems even little Henry is catching on to the tidy trend. At the request of the nursery leader, we've been trying to help Henry learn to drink from a cup without a lid on it. Henry drinks with the same enthusiasm that he shows for most of life's activities, so most of the liquid ends up dripping down his shirt or on the floor. When he spilled some of his water one morning, he quickly ran into the kitchen, and upon discovering that the rag that he wanted to wipe it up with was out of reach, went for the next best thing--a hot pad! His tummy is so chubby that he looses his breath when he bends over, so straining for breath, he grunted, "Keen up, Keen up," while he dabbed up the spill. Precious.

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