Thursday, January 29, 2009


Tuesday night it rained ice. Wednesday morning the metroplex was shivering beneath a sheet of slippery, frozen precipitation. It was magical in an arctic sort of way. And so, so fun because Nate's work opened late due to unsafe driving conditions. Dad not having to go to work 'til noon time is a banner day in this house, cause for celebration. So Henry and I braved the icy roads and ventured out to fetch some "picnic food." Obviously too cold for the park or even the front yard, we settled for our second favorite picnic locale: the living room floor.

Henry chose The Menu:
* Carrots and dip dip
* Kettle Chips
* Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

* Dessert: "Delicious Hot Shmoes,that's what Buzz calls 'em, mom"

Good way to turn an ordinary day into a memory.
We had such a lovely time, we're kind of hoping for more ice storms in the forecast!


  1. Cute Em. What a fun day. Matt got to stay home for a little bit that morning too, it was so nice!

  2. Oh, isn't crazy!? We had dad home all day with us and the kids begged for McD's, so we finally braved it and drove the three blocks. No one was there. I still have ice covering all my flowers. Grrr... We came home from Mexico Tuesday night in the middle of it. No fun.

  3. Yum, that ham sammie looks divine :)
    Such a clever, fun, spontaneous mama you are, Em.

  4. Yeah, Jason was in Evansville and they had pretty bad ice. They decided to come home a day earlier.
    SO ice storms = good

    Looks like a wonderful indoor picnic.