Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A "Dress" For Church

This morning we passed a few hours at TJ Maxx, mostly looking at clutter. Henry and I were occasionally separated, but always managed to find each other using our own special brand of echolocation. After one little separation, Henry came running up to me, hanger in hand, a mysterious garment flowing behind him.
"Mom, Mom!" he called out excitedly, "I found this dress and I want to buy it for you. Wouldn't this be so pretty for church?" he asked, holding it up for my perusal.
I glanced down for a look, and I'll bedanged if he wasn't holding the skimpiest little...I don't even know what to call it...teddy (?) negligee (?), nightie (?) -- you know the type -- sheer, black lace, ruffles aplenty and panties to match. Oh! I was doubled over in laughter. And cute little Henry, not finding the humor in the situation, pressed on, "Do you wanna buy it?"
Needless to say, I reshelved the li'l number, and we were on our way. But oh my...did that bring a chuckle. Still does.

Also, if anybody's interested in a little political mind-snack, here you go. (Helpful to me in shedding some light on the bailout proposals).
And this, too -- I know that second article comes off anti-democrat, which I'm not trying to propogate (at all), but the issues raised are worth considering. I know I don't understand a lot of what's going on, but some things come down to simple economics, and I don't understand how a predicament we got ourselves into with too much spending can be fixed with ... more spending, esp on programs that won't generate economic growth. I'm liking Ron Paul more and more all the time.
Any thoughts?


  1. Ugh, how about a political mind-MEAL of depressing reality!? Yuck. I agree with you...how does spending (especially on things like new cars for govt officials and updating the Smithsonian) beget anything but more deficit?!
    I suppose we shall all wait and see...

  2. Ps: DYING about Henry's dress pick. Almost as scary as Jimmie standing outside of Victoria's Secret, staring at the shamelessly naked girl in the window and saying, "Mom, I want to watch THAT movie!"
    Wow, I'm doomed.

  3. I love Ron Paul. I voted for him. I knew he wouldn't win but it was the only way I could have a clear conscience about voting for "good men." The bailout is bringing us one step closer to being a socialist country...which we are on the fast track for. My plan? Pay my tithing, increase my food storage, get out of debt and pray. Oh, and contact my representatives, but I'm losing all hope that does anything but take up my time.

  4. Henry is such a cutie! I love, love hearing about the funny things he says and does. You should have bought it anyway. It would make a great Valentine's gift. ;)

  5. Oh that's funny (the dress...not the economy)

  6. That is such a funny story about Henry!! Oh my.