Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting My Jollies


I like to make pretty things.

I like Autumn. (Summer stays too long every year in Texas and I start getting antsy.)

I like to fill my home with things that mean something. These framed leaves mean something...

I gathered them almost three years ago on a hike in Provo Canyon with our dear friends, the Henrikson's.

Cute little Henry all ready for hiking.
Hikers pose for a geeky photo.
Gorgeous! (sniff, sniff) I want to move back!
We miss you, Henrikson's!
Oh, my heart! What happened to that squishy little baby boy?


Anyway, back to crafts...I'm happy to have six framed slices of that Autumn outing hanging in my bedroom. Wish I could replicate those little cheeks, though -- I'd sure like to smooch 'em!

p.s. I also like cheap. It speaks to me (and my wallet). I picked these frames up at IKEA; a pack of two for $2.99. The old "you get what you pay for" totally holds true here, (ie the "glass" is actually some sort of plexiglass-ish plastic,) but you can't tell once they're up on the wall. And they're hanging like cheap little champions. Plus, I have an obnoxious tendency to get sick of things quickly, so disposable decor is right up my alley.

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