Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It Was a Perfect Night for a Picnic


So we had one.

Grapes, pretzels, seasoned cucumbers and red peppers, sandwiches of all sorts (but mostly tuna, cheese, and relish,) ice water and, at Henry's insistence, one Doctor Pepper that he could share with his daddy. (We're not always at the tip top of our responsible parent game, but we do make a conscious effort not to pump our child full of stimulants -- the DP was decaffeinated.)


I think
I know it was Henry's favorite part of the whole evening.


Mmmmmm! Good food. Good beverage...


Good company, too.
And right now, as the sinus infection I'm fairly certain I've contracted settles rudely into my face, I'm wishing we could go back and relive the perfectness of last evening.

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