Monday, March 3, 2008

Step By Step for a Good Weekend

Happy Signs of Spring on the Temple Grounds

Friday Evening:

Babysit for friends -- check. Cupcakes with sprinkles for dessert -- check! Fun -- check! Mayhem -- CHECK! State of Heart when little Ethan (friend's kid) waved bye-bye from the port-a-crib (instead of standard screaming bloody murder) -- melted!

Friends pick up kids. Watch ChEeZy movie. Wake sleeping husband (feature film was The Wedding Planner -- of course he fell asleep.) Check! Check! Check!

Saturday A.M.:
- Wake up nice 'n' leisurely.
- Morning nuzzles in bed.
- Wait for fuzzy-headed Henry to shuffle into room and tell us it's time to go have breakfast. (Allow plenty of time for these steps -- do not rush.)

Make German Pancakes, with glazed strawberries for breakfast. (You want that recipe?)
When small child comes running into kitchen with horrified look on his face, do not run him back into carpeted living room to "show mama what you're so scared of," -- he's not scared...he's about to puke. Return to tiled kitchen floor IMMEDIATELY!

Clean up stinky puke from sour stomach that had been saving/rotting all of the previous day's food for a hearty morning up-chuck. (Suppress gags and promptly deposit cleaning rags in curbside garbage receptacle.)

Savor delicious breakfast of fluffy, buttery, oven-baked pancakes with strawberries and yogurt atop. (Resist pathetic entreaties for yogurt and berries from ailing child -- B.R.A.T. diet or bust!)

Saturday P.M.:
Help with Eagle Scout Project (best one you've heard of in a long time (collecting 1000+ teddy bears for local childrens' hospitals, cleaning, sorting, clipping tags, counting and bagging them for delivery.) Best thing about it? It wasn't a N.G.A. (no girls allowed) BringYourOwnDrill construction project. Everyone could help--salt and peppered grandmas, eager children...even easily fatigued pregnant ladies!

Wash clothing after puke incident #2 which, unfortunately, happened in the car while Henry and his father were sandwiched between two other vehicles in line at the Drive-up teller window of the bank -- nowhere to go=nowhere to puke but all over one's self.

Send husband out to retrieve the smashing-deal-of-a-new-guest-bed you purchased on Craig's List on Friday. (Company coming!!!)

Saturday Evening:

Purchase bubbly beverage and saltine crackers for puke-prone toddler. (I swear by that combination to settle an angry stomach.)

Sit on living floor with cute, bed-fetching husband and celebrate the goodness of aforementioned purchase. Contemplate painting guest room...decide against such silly ambition and get into bed nice 'n' early. Falling asleep early may or may not follow as natural consequence of retiring early...(issues to talk about, problems to solve. Lips to kiss...)

Sunday A.M.:
After observation of post-breakfast diarrea incident, decide that toddler is not well enough to go to church. Feel gratitude that stomach bug has made the puke-to-poop progression...the latter (with potty trained child) is so much easier to manage.

Sunday P.M.:

Take family drive to temple. Get out, walk around, (too bad the gates are all locked up,) eat some saltine crackers on the sidewalk out front. When child asks if he can have a trumpet like Angel Moroni for his birthday, respond with (always safe) "we'll have to see..." Take the scenic route home through charming old southern neighborhoods and have hopeful future chat with hub.

Drop hub off at church; have stimulating chat in parking lot about obstacles to faith.

Sunday Evening:

Consume hit-the-spot dinner of chicken and wild rice, honey-glazed carrots and roasted asparagus. Be sure and save room aplenty for first ever home-made pie. Mixed berry a la mode...

good ending.

Good weekend.

GRRR. To have a BAD Monday morning: try posting a blog on a dookie old computer that shuts down on itself (and then can't detect its own wireless network) every time you try to upload a picture (six times in total.) Not good to start the week off with a technological curse...

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