Monday, February 11, 2008

Current Conditions

We have been invaded by the vilest viral intruder we've ever known, (that's not hyperbole or a fluffy superlative, my friends.) Honestly, the worst. It kept me prostrate for three days solid and now its dastardly hack, chills, night sweats, fever and aches are threatening the men in my life. We're fighting with our best defense, (just Tylenol for me -- though I'd commit a crime for swig of NyQuil,) and any multi-symptom remedy in the medicine cabinet for the men. Get your flu shots, take your AirBorne, eat your vegetables, do whatever you must to ensure that this destroying angel passes by your door.

Sometimes these health hazards can be a reminder of other, sweeter things, though -- like the fact that we have the greatest friends, (that's not hyperbole either.) They've showed up at our door with baked treats, homemade bread, honey butter, vegetable soup and get-well wishes.

So our hearts are warm -- with fever and friendship.

Signing off from the infirmary,


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