Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gluttons for Punishment

We're up to our ankles in glue chippings and dust. We're tiling. Remember that lovely kitchen I bragged about a few weeks ago? Here's what it looks like this morning:

It is a huge project. We were grossly misled by a well-meaning buddy who told us we'd be able to "knock that thing out in half a day." Ummm, wrong. We'll be scraping, mortaring and grouting well into the weekend. The chaos and disorder make me want to crawl back into my bed and hide 'til the whole project is over; having my fridge and oven in the middle of my living room isn't helping. But if I can bring myself to do an imaginative exercise, visualizing what the results will look like upon completion, I muster the courage to sally forth, shop-vac in hand, and suck up a few piles of shavings. It's a measly contribution, but it feels good to be a helper.

Have you done this before? Do you have any tips for novices like ourselves?

P.S. Don't worry for our safety; we've taken every precaution.

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