Thursday, June 7, 2007

We're Happy and Why

When one does not have access to a swimming pool in the HotterThanATwoDollarPistol heat of the Texas summer, one has to wax imaginative to stave off sweat and boredom and sweaty boredom.

The other morning, upon returning from a long, sticky walk, I stripped Henry down to his birthday suit and turned on our summer ally, Sir GreenGardenHose for several minutes of splashy silliness. The icy water turned our lazy summer breaths into startled stacatto pants. But that didn't stop us from squirting each other. Splashing in puddles and sitting in the big blue mixing bowl. And dumping plastic cupfuls of water over each others hot heads. After a few minutes of such amusement, Henry looked down at his naked self, then up at me, then back down at himself, and back up at me...and promptly ordered, "Mom! Take you diaper off!" I refused to comply with his demands. But an adoring grin creeps across my face every time I think of his crinkle-nose face squinting through the glaring sunlight, ordering me to remove my diaper.

Another thought that brings smiles is garden-grown produce. Would you believe these edible little red jewels are growing in our backyard in the form of ChErRy ToMaToEs? And they're turning red. It might be the only success story our garden will yield this season, but no matter! We'll be smiling still!

The Happy Love is Everywhere!

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