Sunday, June 10, 2007

Self-Evident Truths

We had a good-n-gritty, somewhat spicy debate about the proper role of government with our close-as-family-friends, The Hydes, this evening. We made certain there were plenty of homemade oatmeal chocolate chippers, chilled 2%, and Nate's Famous Stove popped Corn to allow our neurons to function at optimal levels. It was most exhilarating to think about fundamental legal and moral issues, to discover which arguments stand up to scrutiny and which, more porous matters of opinion, are just products of tradition and cultural grooming.

The conversation left my head spinning. In some ways I feel smarter for our exchange, but mostly, just more painfully aware of my unawareness. My civic awareness, or lack thereof, isn't the only thing that has my mind whirling tonight. Life in general feels quite swirly. Our collective horizon is looking uncertain and unpredictable for reasons that I will illuminate in next week's chronicle. The uncertainty makes me feel quite a bit like someone has my stomach in a half nelson.

So for this week's installment I would like to focus on things that I am unwaveringly certain of:

Say/think what you may; I know that

Henry is cute!

I know that I love Nate so much that there's not much room in the romantic chambers of my heart for anything else, (except maybe a little crush on my new nine-dollar puff-sleeved blouse.)

I know that Henry adores his dad. And I know that one of the best sounds in this universe is the sound of the garage door going up, and the ensuing squeals of excitement that stream from Henry's mouth in endless succession 'til the man of our house walks through the laundry room door after a long day at work.

I know that smoothies are really delicious, that we like them, and that our lives, and our antioxidant levels, are better for the fact that we drink one almost every day.

I know that leaving Henry alone for more than fourteen seconds poses significant danger to our possessions, our gum supply, the gummy bears stash, the dryness of any surface or substance in a seven foot radius of a water source, and his own well-being. After I had gotten dressed and ready for playgroup on Friday morning, I emerged from my closet to find that he had removed the bottom half of his outfit and had decided to go for a little dip in the bathroom sink...fully socked and shoed.

Did I take a picture?

Do you know me at all?

Of course I did!

It took a good coupla days for those "Choo-choo Chrain Thomas" tennies to dry out.

I also know that these seemingly fluffy facts of life, that hinge almost entirely on my relationships with Nate and Henry, are actually the most important ones. And even when I feel uncertain about a whole heap of a lot else, as long as there is certainty and security in my feelings for those two misters, I can look our Mysterious Giant of an Indiscernible Future square in the eyes and say:

"Come What May!

But please, let it be close to home, and sort of quaint. And don’t make it too arduous -- ‘cause I’m not as brave as I pretend to be.”

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