Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Little Pair of Pals

Since the beginning of the year Nate has been sitting down with the kids every Fast Sunday to set a monthly goal.  One month the kids both made goals to run for exercise five times/week.  One month Lily set a goal to read a book every night before bed.  They've made goals about things ranging from fitness to kindness to more consistency with daily scripture study and prayer.  A few months ago Lily set a goal to be more kind to Caroline.  To help her be mindful about it we decided it would be a good idea to take a minute at the end of the day to write down some specific things she did to show kindness.
Those little entries in her kindness journal were so dear; I took pictures of them almost every night because I am a ridiculous sap and because I wanted to preserve them.  Here are a few samples :)

I got her in the bath
I gave her a candy cane
I was kind to her the hol (whole) day

I gave her chereose (cheerios)
I got her out of her car seat
I made her laugh
I helped her
I prayed for her
I got her in the bath
I treded (treated) her like a friend

As a little post script I want to mention that I think that month of Lily's focused effort on kindness to her sister really changed their relationship.  They still squabble plenty, but they are pretty sweet little friends.  Lily is so, so helpful with Caroline and really does treat her like a friend most of the time :)  I never imagined how heartwarming it would be to watch these little sisters grow up together.  Lily gets Caroline dressed almost every morning, they take a bath together nearly every day, they love to help me bake, they play outside on the tramp or with the bubble machine together, I often glance back in the rear view mirror to see them holding hands in the van (I always try to sneak a stealth photo; they always turn out blurry), they collect the eggs together every day.  It's a pretty cute little pair of pals.


  1. So precious! There is NOTHING better than the relationship between sisters. Love the pictures...especially the one with Caroline's nose scrunched up ;-)

  2. What a sweetheart Lily is. Caroline is lucky to have a sister like her. These pictures are priceless!