Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Baby Shower for Auntie Hellie

To say we are excited for Uncle Samuel & Auntie Hellie doesn't even begin to capture what we feel.  We are thrilled.  Ecstatic.  So, so thankful that they're finally going to be able to love a baby like they've dreamed about for so long.  They will be sweet parents.  Little Presley is a lucky lady to join the Tribble family.
When we found out they would be in town for Labor Day a baby shower was in order.
It was so fun to have a small, intimate group; to be able to gather around the table for a meal and really connect with each other.  As a true introvert, it was my kind of party.
I hope it suited Helen too ;)
A few personal notes about this party: it was so, so good for me to throw it.  This has been a rough summer for me in some personal ways.  I've really struggled to pull myself out of some dark places and to get my nose above some sinking, desperate feelings.  Planning and prepping for this party was total sunshine for me.  My dear, dear friend, and party-planner-extraordinaire, Anne, just added to the joy and beauty of the occasion.  My heart felt so tender and overwhelmed with appreciation for her.  Our friendship is such a treasure.  And she really was a marvel with the food, the decorations and all the supplies she contributed.  There were so many helping hands -- I was so thankful for every bit of help.  My life is so blessed by strong, helpful, beautiful, kind women.
It was fun to create a beautiful occasion, it was delightful to really consider the pretty details, it was so good to focus on Helen -- on making her feel loved and celebrated and spoiled.  It really was a gift for me to be able to participate in the process.
And the party itself was really lovely.  I wished we could just keep reliving it over and over again :)

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