Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tiny Getaway

A few weeks ago I pulled Nate close and told him I wanted to wake up by the ocean.  We have yet make it to the beach (hopefully soon!), but we did get to sneak away to Portland as a family last weekend - and it was pretty much the greatest.  Nate had a business meeting and we tagged along.  We met our new cousin Graydon and spent some quality time with his mom (Hi Barb!)  We all just fell in love with that sweet baby.  The kids have asked several times if we can go back to Portland so they can see him again.  We are pretty schmaltzy for babies around here.
We seized all the silly, luxurious perks of hotel life - big beds, big TV's, late night trips to the pool/hot tub, stair vs. elevator races and fruit loops for breakfast.
We got so lucky with some beautiful Portland weather and we spent a sunny afternoon at the zoo!  The lorakeets were such a highlight -- they were so colorful and bold, flying right onto our arms to drink the nectar from our tiny cups.  We were pretty bummed that the elephant ear man had closed up his cart by the time we got to it.
We are sloooowwww travelers with a baby and small bladders and slow eaters, but we still enjoyed the roadtrips on each end.  Nate and I got some great chats in during those uninterrupted hours.


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