Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bathing Beauties

First we thought it would be funny to give Pookie the craziest bath hair possible.  Then Lil whipped hers up whacky and ordered, "Mom!  Take a picture of our crazy bath hair and send it to aunt Kate!"

These girls love to take a bath together.  It is a happy, splashy, darling affair.  Sometimes I feel totally inadequate and unqualified for the task of raising daughters (so many delicate/complex issues) but my heart, I adore these two.  

Also, a note about the bouquet of pink, silk flowers on the edge of the tub.  They were a birthday gift from Lily.  She thought they were the most beautiful ones on the whole silk flower aisle at the craft store.  She picked them out all by herself.  I am not usually a big fan of silk flowers.  But those?  Probably my favorite piece of decor in the whole house.  

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