Monday, March 24, 2014

Art Show (& Entrepreneurs)

We invited several people for dinner tonight so I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen.  Thankfully, Caroline took a mighty nap and the kids busied themselves with a little artistic/entrepreneurial venture.  They got out the paints and each of them painted several colorful pieces.  Then they decided to set their work out on display for our dinner guests - an after dinner art show.  Then!  They decided to put a price tag on each piece so our guests could purchase their works if they desired.  They were so delighted with themselves. Selling paintings?  Best idea everrrrrr.  Good grief they were darling!  I was just so amused with their chatter - deciding what to paint, chatting back and forth about what each guest would like, coming up with the appropriate price point for their paintings and deciding where and how to display their work.  They made a huge mess.  There was colored water all over the table, and the floor, and them.  But they were sooooo happy!

About half hour before our company was due to arrive I told them that art shows are very clean and proper and asked them to clean up their mess so no one would ever be able to tell that the table was their studio -- and they did.   I wish I had taken some photos of them painting, but I did sneak out to take a few pictures of their displayed and priced art.

My dad was so darling - he bought most every painting.  
Lucky kids.  Lucky Grandpa.

I'm sitting in my bed with the laptop typing this and my whole soul is just aching with...I don't know what to call it but...nostalgia?  Which isn't really the right word because I'm right in the middle of this section of my life, in the trenches is how it feels some days.  But I love it so dearly that sometimes it actually hurts.

Nearly every week at church a dear older brother in our ward comes up to us and tells us how darling our children are.  He strokes the baby's cheeks and pats Lily's head and tears squeeze out between the wrinkles around his eyes and drop down his cheeks -- every single week.  I love it so much. And he tells us how much he misses the phase of life that we're in.  And he tells us to really soak it up.
And I just want to tell him, "if I soak anymore I'll drown, Brother Walker!"

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