Sunday, February 23, 2014

love letter (Valentine's 2014)

this was the letter i wrote to Nate for valentine's this year.  it's relevant to the family record -- and not too seductive for public posting ;)  

There are probably a thousand things (at least) that I love and appreciate about you, but something that is particularly dear to me lately is that you have always allowed me to be home with our children.  I have taken the enormity of that blessing for granted.  But lately as I've been working on the 2013 blog book my heart has just been twisting and aching with gratitude for all the days I've had with our kids - all the time to make them breakfast and listen to their stories and rock them as babies and do puzzles and play memory and listen to books in the car and fold laundry with/for them and, and AND!  All those small moments in the long days - they are so prized and dear to me.  The most recent blog post that I uploaded for printing was about Snook - and how many hours we spent together in the blue chair - rocking and nursing and smiling at each other.  That was heavenly time, truly other-worldly in its serenity and bliss and sweetness.  Thank you for going to work EVERYDAY and allowing me the incredible blessing of being present in every good moment with our amazing children.  Thank you for letting me have those slow, perfect hours in the blue chair with that heart-breakingly sweet baby that I waited and longed for.  As I looked back through pictures and posts the thread that kept popping up and pulling tight was LOVE and gratitude for YOU - for being my partner in the work of life, but even more, for filling your roles as protector and provider so magnificently and allowing me to fill my roles just the way my mother heart wants to.  I am so very lucky and blessed.  I know it.  I feel it so deeply.  Thank you! Thank you for allowing me to do this - and for appreciating it all, too.  Thank you for seeing and prizing the fruits of those efforts that are so hard to quantify, so subtle and spiritual that they take a "true and honest heart" to discern.  You are a good, dear man, Nate.  And hot, too.  (wink!)
I love you big as the sky...

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