Sunday, November 10, 2013

Not the Baby; Still my Baby

I think the transition to a family of five has been hard on Lily.  She asks questions like, "who do you love more, me or Caroline?"
And often when we comment on Caroline's cuteness, she shimmies into the scene and asks, "what about me?  Do you think I'm cute?"  She's just searching for the bottom of this newness, a place to plant her feet and feel secure.  Tonight she tiptoed down the hall and asked to sleep with us.  Nate and I were reading together and making some decisions about the week.  I lifted up the covers and invited her up for a snuggle.  After a few minutes she asked if I would rock her.  As much as I was enjoying the quiet time with Nate, I knew I needed to do it.  So I gathered her up and walked over to the blue chair.  And we rocked her til her eyelids slid down.

I think we both needed some time for our hearts to beat right next to each other.
Going to bed with a big, tender heart for my little lady.

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