Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Great Garden Harvest

We tilled and prepped the soil behind the barn readying for a garden this Spring.  And then we had a hundred other things going on in the late spring and early summer and were very late getting our seeds in the ground.  I think we finally planted sometime in June?
And then the weeds sprouted.  And oh, the weeds, weeds, weeds weeeeeedddddddssssss!
They sprouted and grew and flourished like nothing I've ever seen.  So when I post these charming pictures of our harvest I feel like a phony pretender because what we really cultivated was a magnificent weed patch and by some miracle a few of our seeds yielded up a few fruits, primarily the pumpkins.  They were impressive!  All of them just spontaneous volunteers from last year's pumpkin disposal.
The Sunday afternoon we spent collecting our tiny harvest was one of the happiest days on record.  Nate had just returned from a 2 week business trip to Texas.  We were still basking in the goodness of having him  home.  The weather was just starting to turn crisp.  The kids were so tickled with what we'd grown.  And we were all just so content and thankful to be together.

Here are our cheesy harvest pictures.  Henry was the photographer when both Nate and I are in the pictures and he had some very specific ideas about where we should stand, how we should hold things, and how we should pose :)


  1. I love it! What a darling family you have (and the pics of little Caroline are so precious!)!

  2. Siiiggghh. This makes me want to move away from suburbia and be a little country girl with you :) Such a magical place you have created for you and your little ones, Em.