Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Egg Drop with the Millars

The Great Egg Drop was Nate's idea.  The goal was to build a contraption that could hold an egg and protect the egg when dropped from our second story window.  Everyone designed their containers - some were insulated in rice, some wrapped in soft towels, one suspended from rubber bands, a few surrounded by play doh.  Nate's was surrounded with packing foam in a brown cardboard paper towel tube.  We invited Dixie Fleeger, our darling elderly, widowed neighbor and we dropped the packages out the window.  I think everyone's eggs stayed in tact except Henry's (poor guy!)  He was a great sport about it, though.  And then we had an egg toss in the backyard and realized the Millar's pasture-grazed chickens lay supersonic eggs!  Their eggs were so sturdy and durable we began to wonder if they were hard boiled.  Hmmmm, unfair advantage? ;)

Will be fun to do it again!  

the egg droppers with their packages
The dads (the droppers) getting ready above

Bombs away!

Spectators: Little Nater & Dixie

Aubrey happily discovers her egg is still whole!

Nervous Julia watches the drop
Lily & Grace


  1. Carving out those green flower foam things and lining it with cotton balls and putting it in a box with bubble wrap has always worked for us!

  2. How fun! Where did Nate come up with this idea? Love the pics :)

  3. What a fun family activity. I think they do this at our middle school in one of the classes.

  4. I love all the recent posts! Your family is so darling. Love you all!

  5. Cute fam! Where did you get all those cute maxi dresses?