Thursday, February 28, 2013

Celebrating Love

Every time I pray I thank God for the love in my life - the love that fills our home and my heart.  I especially love to say those words when I pray with my children; I hope they hear that part.  I hope it starts to settle on their hearts just how lucky we are to be so in love with each other.  When February rolled around and we started to hang hearts and think pink, my kids asked if Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays (they're into choosing favorites and ranking preferences lately - especially Lily).  Yes, I told them.  I love the chance to celebrate love.
I do.
And I think we did rather a nice job at it this year.  That is to say, I think our Heart Day observances were the best in the west.

we baked peanut blossom hearts
and left love notes in each others' mail boxes
we sent love to dear ones around the country (love to eat and love to listen to)
we watercolored adorable valentines for local friends and classmates
we wore silly stick-on mustaches at Henry's class party
we had a special breakfast on valentine's day (even though it was a school morning, I really had my act together and made waffle batter the night before...every six months or so I plan ahead and do something right)

and on valentine's night (at darling henry's request) we all came to dinner in our fanciest clothes and we had an extra special, use-your-best-manners, candlelight dinner.  I could have died when lily came down in her rapunzel costume, lips freshly glossed, smelling like an assortment of perfumes.  and henry had fetched my wool coat from the coat closet, donned my tallest pair of boots and wore his white button down shirt. oh, they amuse & delight me!  we had the nicest time.  after we finished our meal we went around the table and took turns saying what we love about each other.  I wish I would have written down what everyone said (darn!) I've forgotten most of it, but I do remember that Henry said the thing he loves most about me is that I don't give up easily and that I really try hard.  Nate and I smiled at each other so much because we've been placing a lot of emphasis on being a "try hard"/"don't give up" kind of family lately.  I'm glad Henry thinks I'm doing my part :)  we also commented on the fact that our baby sister would be with us at next year's fancy feast.   we decided she's the luckiest little girl in the world to come to a family that already loves her so, so much!

 (i think we all look a little awkward in this picture, but it's the only proof that i was at the feast, so...)



  1. Yay! I've been waiting for some evidence of the gender of your new baby. I'm so excited for you to have another little girl, and a sister for Lily! I agree that you celebrated Valentine's very well. What a fun holiday!

  2. Precious! A girl - yay!! Love you all, E