Thursday, January 10, 2013


We took our dirty, dirty van through the car wash.  For my kids, the car wash is one of the most thrilling, hilarious (Lily laughed the entire way through), exciting places on earth.  They both LOVE it.  And so do I.  We usually wash our cars with our own eight hands -- but when it's especially chilly out or when we're especially in need of an afternoon thrill...we visit the car wash.  

 Henry wasn't feeling very well and had camped out in the very back of the van with his pillow and blanket and a million books.

We picked up a few things at Trader Joe's and Lily amused me to death wheeling her little cart through the store like a seasoned shopper, stopping when she saw something she fancied.  She helped herself to a bouquet at the flower stand and thought we should get some orange juice.  I made her put the juice back, but I couldn't say no to that cheerful little bunch of blooms.  The kids also wanted to try an eggplant (we've never cooked one at home) - so she picked one of those out for us as well.  

My mom came down with something yucky on Sunday.  I was sorry to see her sick, but so thankful for the chance to serve her.  We whipped up a pot of chicken noodle soup and some rolls.  And a carmel apple dessert that was really time consuming -- and ultimately, pretty disappointing.  I should just stick to oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

I loved spending the afternoon in the kitchen with my kids - they were both anxious to help and we had the best time pulling a meal together for Mimi.

A few days before Christmas break it snowed and school was cancelled.  Unfortunately, Henry and I spent the day zigzagging between our beds and the bathroom (horrible stomach flu), but the view outside eased our suffering a bit.  I love this valley we live in -- I love the contrasting beauty in the changing seasons.    

That's going to have to be it for tonight.  My eyelids are sliding down.

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