Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Still Catching Up - Halloween 2012


Lily was "Wapunzel"
Henry dressed up as Zorro

We had such a fun night of soup eating at Mimi's and trick or treating through our old neighborhood.

The weekend before Halloween we had a little pumpkin carving party with some friends and family.  We festooned the barn with lights and spooky silhouettes, bales of straw, pumpkins aplenty and lots of help from Mimi (my mom is seriously the best; I don't know what I would do without her -- not throw parties, for one thing).  But on the day of the party I neglected to take a single photo -- I was too busy enjoying the donuts and soup and friends, I guess.  Here are a few shots of the prep:

I don't know what the heck we are doing with a barn (???), but it sure is fun to throw a party in there.

And look at those spooky jack-o-lanterns!


  1. So cool you have a barn! I can't think any better way to use it. And I love how I get smarter reading your blog. Festooned is a new word for me.. Love it. Love you!