Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Popping In...

It's a strange feeling, having two homes (technically) and feeling homeless.  We're moving this week.  That's why I've been so absent from this space.  All the cupboards and closets are empty.  The shower curtain is gone and I'm getting ready to roll up the rugs.  Our voices bounce back at us with starkness when we holler for each other.  My hands are moving hands - coated white with dryness and dust.  And I am tired in my bones.  You know that feeling - you who have moved, had babies, done projects -- lived.

But the fun part is about to start and the energy of that anticipation is getting me from one to-do to the next.

A new nest; we are so excited!  The kids can't wait to decorate their bedroom and sleep out in the back yard.  They're campaigning hard for a puppy...and we've already promised kitties for the barn.

I can't wait to string a clothesline from one tree to another and hang my "gather" sign.    

And, of course, in the midst of the chaos and change, normal life beats on.  We drive to and from school.  We eat dinner.  We read stories.  The kids say hilarious things.  Like this morning at a stop sign on the way to school, Lily, who hadn't said a peep the entire ride, piped up and, pointing to a flashy Porsche convertible, said wistfully: "I've always wanted a cah like that."  I burst out laughing.  And called Nate to tell him.

Thank goodness for the happy constants.


  1. Oh, I'm so excited for you! I hope to hear more about it once you're settled. Is this a more permanent place for you? And a barn! Did you find a home with the things you've always dreamed of? Good luck with the move!

  2. Hopefully you will post some pictures of your new place. I am so excited for you family!

    Love you guys!

  3. How exciting! :) (lily is hilarious btw)

  4. Where are the pictures? I am too far away to come and see your new house now so post pictures even if it isn't perfect yet. I vote that the downstairs room be a guest room so I can come and visit. Miss you guys. So excited for you!