Wednesday, June 6, 2012


* we've eaten a lot of dinners on our back patio. it is a little bit raggedy (holes in the awning, cords hanging down) but mostly, we think it's perfect and magical.  sometimes late at night after the kids are in bed, nate and i like to go out there and plug the lights in and drink pelegrino.  sometimes.  most nights are frenzied away with to-do's and clean up and phone calls and work.  but sometimes we slow down and sip.  i wish for more of that.

* lily & i have played a lot of "halley & lamb" (lily's wooden dolls with magnetic sets of changeable clothing; she named them and i think it is so funny and cute that one of them is named "lamb" :).  love that time on the floor to get acquainted with her imagination and hear her breath.

* henry has been doing a lot of "training" - in this particular instance he filled lily's rain boots with rocks from the yard and slung them on a wooden dowel then did all kinds of lifting and lunging with his homemade barbel.  i love that kid's mind.

the other day while i was exercising i told the kids they could watch a show.  somehow henry convinced lily that rather than watching Eloise they should put on a P90X dvd and work out.  i laughed so much watching them try to imitate tony horton.

* we've been looking at bunk beds for the kids.  i like these ones.  henry wants a pirate ship bed.  lily wants a princess castle bed.  of course.  i want something sturdy and not so tacky.  we're trying to decide whether to buy a set or make them.  seeing as how we have no power tools and very little spare time, i'm guessing we'll end up buying them.

we're so excited for summer break.  just two more days!  a couple of nights ago henry and i were chatting and he told me something that one of his classmates had said to him in the bathroom  -- an incredibly lewd something that involved the word "hump." you guys, i think i would rather hear my seven year old say the "s" word than h-u-m-p.  that word!  ugh.  inside i was raging.  outwardly, i kept my cool and felt so thankful that he was telling me this, that i had the opportunity to teach and correct.  i tell ya, you crawl in bed with your kids for a nighttime snuggle and everything comes out; all their worries and some scooby doo jokes, the little victories of their day and the abominations they heard in the bathroom.

henry has loved school.  it's been a great year for him in many ways, but i am really looking forward to three months where we are in control of his daily routine and environment.

we've got great adventures in store!


  1. "the abominations they heard in the bathroom"...oh emily, i love you! It's so true how things come out at bedtime. Love your life glimpses and thoughts, as always.

  2. I love that her other doll is named Halley;)

    love those bunk beds! Just get em!

  3. hi em! oh my your kids are SO darling! and those dolls and bunk beds! what a sweet little family you have.