Monday, April 23, 2012

Just the Beginning

Last Monday our family home evening lesson was about being responsible with money.  We taught the kids about tithing and established our financial "house rules" (tithe 10%, save 40%, do whatever you want with the remaining 50%).  Henry was fascinated.  Lily did somersaults on the floor and whispered in my ear, "when can we eat ouw tweat?"  

Henry's been quite an impressive saver; he had 75 dollars stashed away in his blue, velcro wallet.  After we set aside tithing and savings money, he had $37.50.  And an unrelenting desire to go to Toys R Us.  Of course.  He made himself a little post it note so he wouldn't forget how much he could spend - thirty seven fifty, complete with dollar/cent signs, scrawled out in his adorable first grade penmanship.  I hate Toys R Us, but one look at that little post it and I was ready to race my fanny down to the toy store and let my boy choose whatever he wanted. 

We went Wednesday afternoon and you guys, it took so much restraint for me to let him buy the things he wanted.  I kept suggesting we take a look at the Legos, the Playmobil sets, the sports equipment.  But he had something else in mind.

A ridiculously large and blingy World Wrestling Federation boxing belt. 

I couldn't hide my disapproval, but I tried to be a good sport, all the while sending Nate frantic texts: Are we really going to let him buy WWF paraphernalia?!?  That is the most boorish, lowbrow culture!  Should I restrict this purchase?)
Nate's response: don't restrict.  he's not wanting to join the culture, he just wants a couple of figures. It's fine. 

I made some efforts at dissuasion.  Henry, I said, when will you even use that?  Without a moment of hesitation he looked up at me and said, when I box the punching bag with dad.  (We have a punching bag on our back porch and Henry asks Nate to go out and "train" every night after dinner.  Nate, ever a sport and such a darling dad, went out and bought himself a pair of boxing gloves at Sports Authority last weekend in an effort to share this hobby with Henry.)   I obviously would have preferred a respectable set of Lego's, but it is pretty cute/funny to look out the back window and see shirtless Henry in his enormous WWF belt and Everlast gloves whaling on the bag with his dad.

He also bought a boxing ring for his guys. 


  1. I LOVE this story! I think Henry will always fondly remember being able to buy whatever he wanted with his money. And the older he gets, the funnier it will be that he chose a WWF belt! I certainly laugh at the silly things my mom let me waste my money on. Live and learn!

  2. Good for you Em. I'm so glad Matt can help me see the big picture a little better too. Sometimes as a mom I feel like my children's choices reflect so heavily on me. Will the lady at the checkout counter think I let him watch WWF?! I would be asking myself. Ha ha! Sigh.


  3. Awesome! What a darling boy. Love you, E

  4. I seriously loved reading every second of this post. Made me lol. Henry is the best ever! ...and so is his mom :)