Friday, March 16, 2012

Tea for Three

My grandma watches Lily while I help in Henry's class on Thursday mornings.
When I came to pick her up yesterday, there was a tea party for three, all set up and waiting.
I was charmed.

My grandma is the cutest lady around. Really. After our tea party, we spent the afternoon together, running around this town trying to find the perfect pillows for her couch. We had such a fun time. And found some darn cute pillows, too. She kept thanking me for my time and my help, but she just could never know what our time together did for my heart - wonders. She makes me feel so loved and special and I needed those things extra much this week.

after the tea party lily scootered home in the rain. in her night gown. and her sneakers. i can't hold back the smiles and snickers when i watch her on a scooter. so amusing and full of personality, that child.


  1. I love that you got to have tea with your grandma, so sweet. Mia has the pants that match Lily's jacket. ;) xo

  2. Where oh where is my dear Em? I miss hearing from you. May I be presumptuous and ask for a new post? Please :)