Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the rhythm of recent days

these days we play a lot of memory (mostly me & lil, sometimes henry, too)
and we color in the pony coloring book
we beg our friends with babies to let us babysit
sometimes they let us and we love those babies silly
seriously, if you need a babysitter - lily and me? we will give your baby a week's worth of squeezes and kisses and loves
we read magic treehouse books
we shoot baskets on the neighbors' hoop while lily zips up and down the sidewalk on her "wadio flyah" (radio flyer scooter)
we build legos in the front room on rainy days
and bask in the brightness when the sun's out
i take pictures of myself on my phone to see how visible my signs of aging are (then i use heavy instagram filters to reduce them) oh, vanity.
we have nate's dad over for dinner a couple times a week and try to love him up as best we can
i head for the hills and hike every chance i get (twice in the last 4 days).
we lay in bed on sunday nights (me & nate) and try to figure out what on earth to do about our life (certain parts)
we stay up waaayyyy too late; nate working on tax returns in the office, me doing whatever i need to/want to/can, waiting up for my pal to come to bed
we love each other so dearly
we laugh and smile and exchange knowing glances over our darling children
we're marshmallows anyway, and recent experience has made our hearts extra tender for them
we listen to a pick in my pocket (jim deeming) while we cook dinner - it is like jim touches that guitar and skittles and sunshine fall out - so cheerful and amazing. i think you should buy it on iTunes right now.
we make the best banana nut muffins for family home evening and read stories from the friend
and some nights we cry ourselves to sleep (me) about the things in our hearts that aren't settled

but that's ok to do every once in a while.

hello, march. we are so very curious to pry open your grasp and see what you're holding for us.


  1. Em, all your pictures are so beautiful! Your kids are beyond precious, and I see no visible signs of aging from you. :) I'm sure you've heard this before, but I love reading your posts. You are such a fabulous writer and there is nothing I'd rather hear about than all of your adventures. You guys are in our prayers- we wish we were able to see you all more often! Love you!

  2. why can't we be neighbors? i like you so much.

    ps we should be instagram-ing buddies. what's your user name? mine's abbietastic

  3. Have I told you lately that I wish we were real-life friends? I was thinking the other day about your last post about all the new challenges and soul-searching you're seeing as Henry gets older, and wishing I could bounce ideas off of you as I'm going through the same thing with my Abigail. I loved this particular post, as I always do.