Tuesday, February 7, 2012

love is everywhere

i'm sorry for so much instagram...it's just terribly convenient.
i've always got my phone close by and it's so easy to snap a pic.

we're trying to fill february with love
and red and pink

(cutest things on this planet (in my estimation) are:
1. lily on a scooter
2.lily's pink sneakers)
and hearts.

back when we lived in texas i snagged a free stack of old national geographics from the library one day. i had no idea what i would do with them. nate thought i'd lost my mind. but they were too cool to pass up. well, lucky day - they had huge fold out maps inside, slightly worn and discolored from 50 (!) years of storage; i've been cutting them up for all sorts of projects lately.

life update: nate's getting deeper and deeper into tax season. i'm steeling myself for 2.5 months without him.

*henry's covered in poison oak, head to toe. poor fellow. should have been more careful to stay on the trail when we hiked on friday. there were just too many enticing adventures to be had in the wild. he's also cruising through paper like a dervish with his daily coloring projects. i love to see the fruits of his creativity.

*lily's growing her hair out; after a few recent viewings of tangled, it was determined that she wants braids, curls and long ponytails. i told her that girls with long hair have to let their moms brush it. we'll see. she's also contributing to the paper scarcity - lots and lots of lily art around here. she just colors lots of straight lines in a multitude of colors. but she can always tell me just what each (identical) straight line is, "dis is a balloon, and dis gween one is you and dis pahpul one is me!"

*i'm getting ready to throw a baby shower, trying to write a skit for an upcoming young womens activity, hoping to make bread today and trying to keep track of henry's towels so we don't all end up itchy and miserable.

amused and inspired by this (via cjane), we told the kids if they can go 100 days without fighting, we'll get a puppy. we made the deal on sunday. they've fought every day since. i'm thinking we'll be pet-less for quite a while, which is pretty much fine with me except i think in my longing for a baby i'm starting to get soft and woozy for anything small and helpless.

and i want a bloodhound. look at that picture!!! you want one too now, huh?


  1. your images are so sweet! and I always love reading your thoughts/updates!

    I've been telling myself "no" about a pet for a few months now =) It's so tempting!

    Love your littles as much as always...hope Henry's skin recovers quickly and that Lily's long hair will be all she's dreaming about (Spencer is channeling at little Rapunzel these days himself =)

    I need to pick up pen palling again one of these days! I miss our correspondence! Much love to you! And good luck to you and Nate both with tax season!

  2. Have I ever told you that your handwriting should be a downloadable font?! It is PERFECT. I've secretly tried to copy it but without success! :)

  3. Its true about your handwriting. Thanks for sharing all of your love. Your photos are magazine worthy and that top little craft on your pictures is too stinking cute!