Sunday, September 11, 2011

B&B Pics

Just wanted to post a few pictures of our B&B birthday getaway. It was bliss.
I didn't take my camera so I just snapped these with my phone to preserve the memory.

The house and grounds were so serene and welcoming.

Nate feeding "Cleopatra" the goat. She was so darling. I would really like to have a goat.

Puffy faces in the early light before a morning run along the canal.

There were lots of blackberry bushes along the canal too; we stopped and ate a few.

Like I said before, we had the best time.


  1. hey you, Oregon looks like heaven right about now


  2. Emily, although I miss Bloom I have to say I am SOOO glad that it means more posts on your personal blog. It was my favorite anyways! You have such a way with words and expression, and I SO admire your ability to self-reflect...I always walk away from reading your posts with plenty to think about. So bravo, you are amaze.

    Before you left your sweet comment on my post, I had already read this last post of yours and (no lie) cried a bit. Oh how life can seem so confusing and unfair! As weird as this may seem, I remember reading your words as you ached to be pregnant with a little person who is now your precious delicious Miss Lily. I remember hoping for you then just as I hope for you now! And that's just it, i feel full of HOPE!

    But I agree and think it is brilliant that you are moving along with life in the meantime. Hooray for de-cluttering! I can never get enough of it!

    Thanks so much for sharing,