Friday, February 18, 2011

Hang Man on the Whiteboard

Last night Henry reeeaaallly wanted to go to a showing of Toy Story 3 at his school. Wednesday was super long and busy and I was gone 'til almost ten o'clock at a church youth activity, so I was hanging my hat on Thursday being a low key day at home. (* see previous post about my aversion to plans. *) I'd sooner have eaten lightbulbs than pack up the kids to go sit in the stinky school gym to watch a movie that we own. So to console my very disappointed boy, I told him I'd let him stay up late and have a special night with me. We baked bread. We read stories. And we played Hang Man. It was so fun. And so funny.

Henry went first, thinking of a word that I'd have to guess. He drew nine little dashes. I asked him if he was sure he knew how to spell a word that long. He assured me he did. I figured we might have some creative/phonetic spelling. When the last 6 dashes were full and consisted of "t-o-a-s-i-l" I thought maybe I'd better ask for a clue.
"The last part is 'ball,'" he told me.
"Oh, it's some sort of ball?"
"Yep...a tennis ball!"
"Oh! So the word is tennis ball?" I tried to get to the bottom of this Hang Man mystery.
"Well, the word is 'this is a tennis ball!'" he announced proudly.
"Ooooh!" I laughed. "That's actually 5 words, but you sure did a good job."
"Why don't you do the word this time, mom. This is pretty hard."
So I did. I chose rocket ship. He guessed it without any problems.
"I think I"m ready to do another word now," he told me.
"Ok, go for it." I handed him the marker.

He made 5 little dashes. As soon as I guessed "Y" and he put it at the end, I knew what the word would be, but I kept guessing to amuse him. Finally when only the "N" was missing I shouted the answer. Want to see the word he chose:

His name :) I thought that was so darling.
Then it was my turn.
I did this:

He thought that was funny.

I'm crazy about him.


  1. Em I laughed out loud when I read "I'd sooner have eater lightbulbs" :) Hahaha. OK, we need to talk. This week? I am finally feeling better and banking on this week being the best one of 2011! Cute post, way to fill Henry's time with something more exciting than mass movie watching on a gym floor -- yuck. :)

  2. What a sweet mom you are! I loved how you celebrated Valentine's day w/ Henry & Lily too. Sam said to me on Valentine's morning, "Mom! It's Valentine's Day! What are we going to do?". I told him that we were going to the grocery store & the library (which included feeding the ducks), and he said, "that's not fun to do on a holiday!". It was pretty funny.