Thursday, May 20, 2010


A couple of Saturdays ago we spent the morning at Mimi & Grandpa's house helping them plant their garden. Like I've mentioned before, these organic processes are pretty captivating to me, so I was just tickled to get to be part of the planting. So were my kids.
As we were wrapping up with the seed-sowing, Aunt Halley was inside making us all breakfast - so sweet. These are the experiences we moved to Oregon for. And they are every bit as wonderful as we imagined they would be.

Also - I have a whole new appreciation for the produce we can buy at the supermarket. All that lettuce! We just walk in, make our selection, exchange one kind of green for another, and an hour later we're home enjoying a yummy salad. But that salad represents a very delicate and diligent effort on the part of the farmer. We're just really, really lucky to have so much produce so readily available.

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  1. this does look fun! lucky girl to be so close to family! enjoy it for me! and i can't wait for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. gardening is so rewarding!