Sunday, March 7, 2010

Boots, etc.

These are Lily's boots.

She brings them to me every morning and says, "Boats." And then I put them on her feet. And she wears them all day. Every day. Thanks Aunt Ashley; Lily thinks you have impeccable taste.

She also likes "binks."
Twirling (her hair)
Her pink, fuzzy piggy.
And "Fradey" (my parents' cat - she loooves that kitty.)
The "ming" (swing) at my parents' house.
And climbing out of her crib. It is so strange to have your 18 mo. old come wandering into your room at 4:17 in the morning.

My favorite things she says right now are: "ga mowning! ga mowning!" (usually just after she's sneaked out of her crib) and buh-bee-bee (when she sees the bumblebee square on the I-spy quilt.)

twirling & babies before a rest

watching for the "owsies" out the window at Mimi's house

playing chase with daddy and "Nenny" (she was the "bad guy" - scary, huh?)

She's a little sack of sugar. We eat her up everyday.


  1. Oh my, she is funny. That picture of her running with the Batman mask on just cracks me up! And her cute little pigtail buns...she's already gotten bigger! Sweet little thing. Miss you!

  2. Oh, that little Batman is too much!
    And I love her hair twirling. Lucy was a hair twirler!

    I think often of your sweet little family - hope you're continuing to settle in in all ways!
    Love you!

  3. that last picture--so. darling.

  4. I am aching for a little girl. She is so perfect, Em.