Friday, January 8, 2010

The Little Lady

the aftermath of the twisty-bun hair-do

As promised, here's the Lily update: At 18 months she already has a mama-heart. She is never far from her babies. She puts them in her stroller, and little do those babies know, they're in for the ride of their lives as their "mama" ZOoOoOoMS them around the house like a dervish! So funny! This is pretty much representative of how Lily handles most of life - with a lot of energy. And speed.

I feel like her vocabulary is on the brink of a big explosion, just today she graced us with "apple" and "cookie" for the first time. Henry and I were so excited! And this evening she walked over to the dryer, yanked on the door, looked up at me and said, "awpen, awpen." (open, open.) She knows what she will be so nice when I do too.

this picture comes pretty close to capturing her sweet side

Lily is a woman of extremes. Fortunately and unfortunately, I know something about that :) When she's sweet, she could turn your heart into a marshmallow. But she is seven shades of sassy when she wants to be. I love the spunk and the sweet. I know they'll both yield good things down the road. She's recently started saying, "okay" every time I ask her not to do something. "Get down, Lily."
"No, No, Lily."
"Okay," she says, obviously crestfallen that her plans have been thwarted.

I'm just smitten watching her go about her busy business every day.

Monday night we had the funniest family home evening. (I thought it was funny). Nate looks at me during dinner, "Have you thought about an FHE lesson?"
"Errr, no." I take a look around at the day's rubble. "Let's have a lesson on work and clean the house for our activity," I suggest.
"Great!" Nate grabs our old testament reader, we talk about the Creation - about life in the Garden for Adam & Eve and their contrasting life outside the garden where they had to "eat their bread by the sweat of their brow." We talk about work and translate "eat your bread by the sweat of your brow" into four year old speak.
Luckiest coincidence of the year? I had bread in the oven! Totally unplanned. Totally perfect.
"Let's get this place whipped into shape and then we'll eat our bread - warm with butter and honey!" Nate and I had a good laugh, we all slapped high fives and we white tornadoed.

Tonight the kids were playing with these funny glasses while Nate was trying to round us all up for scripture study - we had a hard time settling down. Tell me you can look at those pictures and keep a straight face. You can't.

I look at him - a boy of my very own.
And her - a baby girl of my very own.
And my heart squeezes. And thumps. And overflows.
They are the good in everything.


  1. Lily is such a doll! Is she really 18 months now!?!

  2. How are your posts always such lyrical odes to motherhood? Do you spend a week crafting each turn of phrase in your mind before you write it out? Really, this is gorgeous.

  3. I've got a 5 week old baby boy right now. We have some pretty tough days and sleepless nights. Reading your blog brings me to tears just about every time and helps me get through these tough days. It helps me to see what I've got to look forward to! I love my little guy and I'm so excited for the future with him! I adore the stories of your children and am excited to tell the stories of my own! Thanks!

  4. Henry's hair, and Lily's teeth in those glasses shots, are hilarious. I love them. The bread in the oven! What a nice little coincidence. :)

  5. truly precious!! especially the picture of lily on the bed

  6. She makes my heart beat. So do you. Sheesh, how can I not love her???

  7. I saw your mom Wednesday night and she told me about the paper chain she and Halley made -- 18 more sleeps! Yippee!!

  8. I echo Rachael's words. The really impressive thing about your writing is the words flow naturally and without excessive effort and yet they sounds so perfectly placed.
    I think you have some pretty darn cute kids too...I can't get over Lily's luscious lips :) They are SO pretty.

  9. I'm jealous of Lily's growing vocab. Asher talks all the time, but we have no idea what he's saying. Both he and we are beginning to get frustrated.

  10. I am amazed every day at the differences between my little girl and my little boy. Lily is such a girl. I'm so happy you get to experience what it's like to have another girl in your house!