Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Best Things...

I should be writing a talk for church on Sunday. But I want to write about my babies first.

Today we met Nate for lunch. He brought friends from work - Charolette and Kristy. They like our we planned a lunch date with them before we leave town. Charolette requested a picture from Henry. So after breakfast this morning he said, "I think I'll draw her a picture of our family." It was so precious, I almost kept it and made him draw another for Charolette. I had to snap a picture (click it to make it big - the charm is in the details):

I love:
that he and Lily are holding hands
and Nate and I are too
that everyone's limbs come right out of their heads
that we all have varying amounts of fingers and toes
how tiny Lily is
Nate's hair

and I love that on the back he wrote:
to: "sharlet"
(only his attempt to draw an 'S' yielded a backwards 'C'
because "S's are just a little bit tricky, huh mom?"
love: Henry (in all capitals)

and that he beamed with pride when he finished

and most of all, I love that this is his rendering of our family. deliberate bonds of love. and smiles all around. It's no secret that my heart beats for this little boy. His fourth year has been bliss almost without exception - he is so easy and good.

And this little lady.
She fought bedtime tonight, boy did she. She was fitfully tired. Nate tried to calm her down...she held him off. I went in and coaxed her into snuggles. I sang "You Are My Sunshine" over and over. And over. Until her eyelids drooped under all the exhaustion. And she finally reached for her bed. And twirled her hair. And fell asleep in four seconds. With her piggy.


  1. I love how you can see into Henry through his picture. I'm glad you got a picture of it before you gave it away. I hope your talk went well. I know that ward will miss your family like crazy!

  2. I can pretty much promise you'll like this.

    FRONTLINE's -Digital Nation

  3. Tender, tender. That family picture really is a treasure.
    And that Lily...she is a fiery one. But when all is said and done she has a heart of gold like her mother...I just know it :)

  4. Hope she loves that little piggy em!!!!!