Monday, August 17, 2009

Wish Granting

Since I'm in the business of granting wishes (please see Anne's comment on the previous post), here's a link to the Wedding Slideshow on the photogrpher's site. Lovely, Lovely!

Only thing not pictured that you wished for, Anne, is a shot of my outfit. It was nothing spectacular, let me be clear about that (green top, black pencil skirt, black heeled slides).


Nate couldn't keep his eyes (or his hands) off of me at the reception. While we danced, he whispered in my ear that he thought I was "the prettiest girl there, by a mile"; so the outfit did its job (Wink!)


  1. Cute post! I loved the little love story at the end too! Just saw those pics earlier today! She did a great job. Rob and Ashley look so cute and happy! Just like it should be.

  2. I cry when I see LDS wedding photos. I cry b/c weddings are lovely and spirit filled---and I am sad that my wedding photos are not centered around the Temple as they should be (it is not a good idea to have an ex fashion mag photographer take pics at your LDS wedding esp when he has NO idea how important the Temple is!? ARGH!)
    I've even thought of dressing up in our wedding garb now and taking pics. How cheesy/lame is that?! haha. Oh well.

  3. So great to see the slide show of your brother's joyful day! I love Keri's work. She lives in my town too! I'm glad you could be there and happy that it was so lovely for you and your man, too.