Monday, August 24, 2009

Crayons, Paint, Ants, Picnic, Sunday Clothes...

Picnic at the temple last Tuesday: we played catch me if you can & peek-a-boo around the trunk of this big tree

Yesterday was the first day of school in our town. My children aren't school-aged, but that didn't stop us from buying school supplies - brand new Crayola markers, cheerful sharp crayons - all the colors present, and glue-sticks (a 2 pack for $.52) Who can resist?

In the morning we walked to the end of our street and watched the children lining up outside the elementary school. I love back-to-school. It's a harbinger of cozy things to come - autumn, chilly mornings, Halloween, Thanksgiving.

And then I reminded myself that it will probably be warm enough to swim for another six weeks here. Bah.'s the quick & dirty update:

LILY: is busy. And noisy. And determined. And hilarious. And loves to play in the potty when I'm not looking. And became acquainted with fire ants last week at our picnic on the lawn of the temple (sad!) -- 50+ miserable bites. Poor little dear.

I shake my head daily in disbelief because:
1. she is so big!
2. I cannot believe that this is the same human being who just seven months ago was the mildest, quietest, sweetest baby of all creation. Hoo boy! has she changed. I still love her to bits, but I'm not going to lie -- the intensity level in the house plummets once she's in bed.

Her shadow is the only thing that can keep up with her

HENRY: is learning all kinds of cool new stuff. Like how to do BIG puzzles. And write his name. And all about opposites and counting and matching. And I am learning all about the BIG joy that comes from watching your child find satisfaction in new knowledge and ability.

The charming painting session that turned ugly when that little jug of blue paint fell off the table and splattered across the carpet below. Twice.

Also - he says the funniest prayers I've ever heard. Like yesterday, we're driving to the library and he says, "Mom, can you stop for a second. I need to say a little prayer."
We stop.
His prayer:
"Father in Heaven, Please bless that the earth can tip just a leeeeeeetle bit so all the bad guys will slip off. But please don't let me slip off. Or my family. Amen."

Phewph! So glad we stopped to pray for that.

We've got doctor's appointments for both of them today (shots! frown!) Henry's pretty nervous about the shots. We talked about shots during dinner last night. The whole time. Everything you could ever think to ask about shots -- he asked. What will it feel like? (A pinch.) A big pinch or a tiny pinch (Kind of big, but it will only hurt for a second.) How long is a second. (We count to one). How many shots will I have to get? (We're not sure...probably no more than two). Where will I get them? ...

And finally...
"Mom, after we get our shots...can we get like a reeeeaaaally delicious, reeeeaaaally gigantic treat?"

Of course we can.

Oh. And when I get them dressed for church on Sunday mornings, I almost get verklempt. Could I possibly adore them any more?


  1. I love it! If only we could tip all the bad guys off the earth! Parker told me the policemen need to get faster cars so they can catch up with ALL the bad guys. Why do they worry so much about that stuff? It certainly makes for interesting conversation.

  2. You have beautiful children!!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! Henry is so big! And that bow tie - AH, darling! And Lily! Oh my gosh your kids are cute, cute, cute. I can't wait to see Charlie as a big brother someday!!! I wish we lived closer.

  4. That prayer is absolutely priceless! I'm so glad it's recorded.

    And I still can't get over seeing Lily walking around. Asher is still happy as can be to crawl.

  5. What a precious prayer!! haha I love your little ones!

  6. Could those bad guys slip off...please?! That is too cute. I didn't know Lily had become such a busy little bee. Love you Em.

  7. Henry is already out to save the world! Such a guy thing to pray for and so adorable! You do have amazing children, Emily!

  8. 1. that is exactly how i feel about rog--totally mild and then once he was mobile--BAM! Different kid. You should have seen him at the lake today. Would NOT be taken off the dock. he threw rocks in the water ALL DAY LONG.
    2. Where in the heck does Henry come up with this stuff? Holy cow he kills me!

  9. Henry Cracks me up...and Lily still looks just sweet and mild in her little gingham dress.

    Glad life is good over there in Texas ;)

  10. You are a brave/good mama to have a picnic in that hot and sticky Texas weather! We Phoenicians don't even consider going outside unless it is night time (which doesn't really make much difference anyway) or if there is some sort of water feature involved.
    You really do have beautiful kids, Em.
    PS: brown is your color. You look LOVELY in that dress.

  11. This is such a sweet post. I LOVE hearing about Henry's learning and his cute prayer. And they are both so beautiful!!!