Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby. Booky. Weekend.

Saturday afternoon Daddy and Henry disappeared for a few hours (T-ball game). Lily and Mama had a photo shoot in the living room and played with board books

Also this weekend: transplanted Crepe Myrtle Tree with the help of several strong friends
Friday night at the movies. Living room theater. Stove-popped corn and pink lemonade. VHS feature: Raffi in Concert - I love it as much as Henry does, makes me nostalgic for car trips in the Caprice Classic.
Our beloved blender died. Last weekend we lost the DVD player. Wondering what will be next?
Concocted a few little sussies for Lily's room - trying to redeem it from the lone and dreary wasteland it has become to something more cheerful, something suitable for such a darling little resident.


  1. I have a special special spot in my heart for goodnight moon... I think it just might always be one of my favorites.

    I love that girl, and her two teeth. Oooooh I want to squeeze her.

  2. Sooo sweet! I see we have the same taste in books as well.

    Sorry about the blender and DVD player. If you feel the need for a flick you guys can come over some night for movies and popcorn.

  3. your baby is soooooooooooo cute!!!