Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mud Puddles

The funnest day of their lives so far. Pretty sure.

p.s. click the pictures to enlarge
gives a better feel for just
how wet
and mucky
and happy
they were.

thanks for the pictures, Mimi.


  1. Now that is what life is all about...for boys, anyway. I prefer my toes in the cool sand, a big straw hat (a comfy one...not itchy), and shades, a tankini that fits just right, a pina colada (minus the alcohol por supuesto), and a philosophical novel...70 degrees, breezy, Brandon by my side. Ahhh, now that's my mud puddle kind of day :)

  2. My kids did this the other day with their friends and their mom was freaking out, but I said the same thing. This what childhood is all about.

  3. Oh my goodness! Too much cuteness on this blog to keep up with! I've wanted to comment on every post...the bread poem and the baby ducks and the chubby bunny and, and, and...
    I will sum up with two things 1) Your children are so sweet and are looking SO BIG (Henry in these muddy pictures just looks like a little man!).
    2) You capture life's moments in the most BEAUTIFUL way. I just love you.

  4. SWEEET! Those are some awesome mud puddles -- oh, to be able to enjoy life in each spontaneous moment like this!

  5. What joy for your boy! What a mom to allow it to unfold, and to capture it with such great detail. "Blue" just doesn't seem like the exact word that describes the color of his eyes...especially after seeing the larger sized photo of his completely happy face!

  6. Wow that looks super fun for a little boy! (Not neccesarily fun for the mom to clean up--but good for you for letting your boy have fun)

  7. You are such a fun mom, Emily!

  8. oooh, that looks like loads of fun. I want to go play in mud puddles.

  9. Ahhhh! I can't stand it! How can you stand it?! What fun they must have had!