Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ode To Aunt Dyonne

We spoke of your visit for many-a-day
Your airplane arrived and we all cheered, "Hooray!"

To the church we went for a basketball game
A visitor! I marveled, so glad that you came.

Henry begged your attention about every minute
And where e'er there was fun, you were sure to be in it.

We each ate our weight in good salsa and chips
You sat next to Henry and caught all his drips. (sorry!)

You win the award for best guest of the year
You did dishes and diapers and all in good cheer.

We stayed up late talking of children and choices,
Giving mutual thanks for soft, unseen voices.

We played Sequence and talked about things of the past
The time you were here slipped by way too fast.

We walked through the forest and talked even more
At the pond we made boats out of leaves that we tore.

Our only regret when the weekend was done?
Too few pictures; not a blog-worthy one!

We love you Dyonne, come back anytime
There'll be snacks and clean sheets, e'en a recap in rhyme :)

Thanks for coming! Hope it's not too long 'til we see you again.