Friday, March 20, 2009

Come close: I have a secret...

I have a dear friend named Sarah. Actually, I have like seven dear friends named Sarah (Sarah - the painter, Sarah - with twins, Sarah - Ezra's mommy...the epithets have evolved of necessity).

This post is about Sarah, the painter.

She's also a bookmaker and Stationary/PhotoCard/BirthAnnouncement/GiftTag designer. In short, when creativity was being doled out in Heaven, Sarah got a double portion.

She recently created BookBound, her own little corner of the Etsy marketplace.

Go peek around in her shop. Let your desires simmer all weekend. Then check back here on Monday because (here's the secret:) we will be giving away a few little treasures.

Oh. And there is one more secret: My favorite thing about Sarah?

Her soul is as beautiful as her creations.
I wish you could know her.

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