Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Wish(es) 2 0 0 9

1. A shiny new faucet in the children's bathroom. I don't like corroded copper pieces dangling in the water stream.

2. A handsome handyman (the one I live with) to install shiny new faucet. Shirt optional.

3. A print (or seventeen) from Sweet Beets.

4. A bouquet of flowers on a day other than Valentine's.

5. Time to talk. And talk. And...

Your Valentine's wishes?


  1. a calorie free bingefest where i don't gain a pound


    and a romantical night in a hotel room complete with room service and no guilt for leaving my baby behind. this one will probably not happen for a while.

  2. maybe i'm with you on the manny. (from a couple of posts back.)

    or at least lots of chances to play the "sleep game."