Sunday, February 15, 2009

Play by Play


This Weekend:

I admitted that I don't know how to load the dishwasher
He unloaded and reloaded the dirty dishes
I asked him to teach me, between kisses
He laughed, agreed to a lesson, and kissed back

I made up Valentine's questions that we answered by fire-light
(* if you could be anywhere tonight...
* if you could throw away one article of clothing in my closet...
* your favorite physical feature of mine...cheezy, i know. but fun.)
He said he liked my eyes and legs (after I disqualified his first answer)
I said I'd get rid of the yellow Deloitte shirt and his $4 jeans
He fell asleep on the living room floor
I cleaned up the kitchen and read blogs; not exactly the night's end I had in mind

I slept in on Saturday morning
He played with the children so I could
I organized the office and recycled three hundred pounds of paper
He played basketball; they lost by three points
I threw away more paper and dusted the bookshelf
He installed a new faucet in the children's bathroom
I kept the children out of his way
He got grouchy
I offered to help
He thought the project was done
I found a leak
He finished the project (for real)

I agreed to do Billy Blanks' Boot Camp with him Saturday night (romantic, no?)
He said it was okay when I pooped out after 25 minutes, muscles ablaze with fatigue
I am almost immobile from the soreness today
He thinks that's a little bit funny

I made french toast for Sunday morning breakfast
He asked if I was trying to win the wife of the year award
I wore my big, black flower earrings to church (and felt a little conspicuous)
He couldn't stop yawning and asked if there was gum in the diaper bag
I put walnuts and coconut in the Sunday evening brownies
He played super-hero Memory in the living room with Henry
I hung our Valentines on the Love Wall
He made church-related phone calls and wrote church-related e.mails

He asked me to scratch his back
I did, but gradually started picking at things
He got cross and called me a name
I got chilly and brushed my teeth
He said sorry for getting cross and name calling
I said sorry for picking

We talked, and talked
He fell asleep
I wasn't tired
He slept
I grabbed the computer.
He slept
I typed
He slept
I got tired

And went to bed.

This morning:


She woke up at 5:30
I brought her in bed with me and nursed her
She fell asleep so close it was hard to tell where one of us ended and the other began
I fell asleep (kind of), loving the quiet closeness, the rhythm of her breath
She slept, warm and deep, 'til 7:45
I slept, light and cautious, not wanting to wake her (or smoosh her)
She was peaceful and beautiful
I tried to memorize the feeling because for two and a half hours, it was my favorite one ever.

And while I was busy immortalizing a moment in my bedroom,
He unloaded the dishwasher before he left for work.


  1. Oh, I just love this! You do such a beautiful job of capturing what life is really like--straight, true, but completely memorable.

  2. Beautiful. Love to see Lilly. More, more!

  3. ohmygoshhowmuchdoilovethis????

    Lily... to die for. she just smells good doesn't she?

  4. Gorgeous post. Delicious baby.

  5. Why do I end up a weepy mess after I read your posts?! I'm a sentimental sap and that's all there is to it. Your writing should take the blame for my tears though, when it comes right down to it. You know how to capture the sweet simplicity of the moment.

  6. your love garland turned out perfect.

    sounds like such a great weekend--i just love those kinds with so much family togetherness. such a blessing.

  7. The happy contentment of your day to day life is completely palpable in this lovely post

  8. Hey Em!! Check out my new blog at!!! I really miss yall and love you!!!

  9. I really love this post. Your Love wall is darling. Lily is darling. (Avery has that same dress...I love that). And sleeping with your that too.

    Love YOU.

  10. so so so sweet. And that picture of Lily?? Wow.

  11. i'm loving this and also blog posts as poetry. in general.