Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Discount Code

The 10% discount code for YNAB is: emily.

It will be valid through Saturday.

Thank you, Jesse.

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  1. Emily-- It's been awhile since I left a comment here (actually, I think I entered your giveaway), so to remind you I am a friend of Kate Butler's from Provo and found your blog a couple years ago. I think your family is just darling and I love your posts. Anyways, the reason I am writing is because I am putting together a web-based course for post-bankruptcy individuals and I am wanting to support my curriculum with personal stories. You know, "this is what works for me" kind of thing. Something to give these individuals some encouragement. I really appreciate your financial take on things so I was wondering if I could use an excerpt from your piece on the YNAB website or something else if they have the rights to that. Please feel free to email me at pearlmarie@gmail.com with any questions you have. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

    Rebecca Snyder